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Designing a style into your home is a joy for Brick & Mortar Home. Playing off the enthusiasm of “pulling it together” will be a joy for any client, no matter the frustrations prior. We will assist you through your home or in store consultations.

Managing your style through color selections, accessorizing or space planning comes easy for this team. Our large selections of special order sofas to wall art will be a synch for any buyer. Offering more than what’s viewed in the store provides you, as a client, with more options, impacting style and success to higher expectations.

We can assist you no matter what stage you are in of home designing from fabric selections for upholstery and bedding ensembles, space planning with new and existing furniture, floor and wall cover- ings, fixtures, and accessories.

Amber Cook

The girl you can tell could be your best friend. Serious when needed, always engaging, armed with a great deal of knowledge for the business. As Team Brick & Mortar Home’s “General Manager”, overseeing both stores, Amber also heads up the designers, manages the store and works full time with owner, Kathy George acquiring the exciting, eclectic mix of merchandise that’s offered. A seasoned expert in interior design and home furnishings, Amber’s passion for sustainable, beautiful living has pervaded the store since its inception. Her consummate sense of style and extensive knowledge about product are the key to her ability to integrate customers’ tastes into comfortable and inviting spaces they will love. Amber also manages her own home filled with three young children, so not only can she help you create a gorgeous space, she will be mindful of function and priorities as she does every day in her own home. Amber holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Monika Borowski

The doer, facilitating every move on the floor and coordinating with Amber and the rest of the staff in creating the beautiful vignettes’ you find when you walk through our doors. Monika has been on board since 2011 and has grown as the Assistant Manager into the manager of the Geneva Street store. Monika has a great eye that’s all her own, as evidenced by the gracious ambience she helps create in our store. She’ll help you make big changes with furniture, add fun accessories or refresh walls and lighting. She’s great at cording all the design elements needed to create the look you’re after. One of Monika’s biggest strengths is her vision for space and the ability to place furniture in all the right spaces, from rustic charm to sophisticated elegance she can rejuvenate your space by incorporating contemporary items or a touch of whimsy alongside your most treasured pieces.

We moved into a new home in Lake Geneva and worked with Brick and Mortar on transforming it. What a fantastic experience it has been. They not only updated the look of our new place but they succeeded in combining a lot of our old, sentimental pieces with wonderful modern accessories and furniture – bringing true color into our house. We adore our new place and are thrilled we used Brick and Mortar and stayed local.
– Claire

Before & After

A blank canvas can be overwhelming for a new homeowner. You probably have so many ideas running through your head…what color should I paint the walls? can I open up this space by removing any walls? love the fireplace, but can it be updated? how do I make this my dream kitchen?

A blank canvas is designer’s dream and we are here to help. First, it’s important that we find out what the client truly wants in their home. In the end, we’re helping you create a space where you retreat to everyday, so your wants and concerns are our priority. After all, this is your home!

We had so much fun with this project. We were able to make an open floor plan from the kitchen to the living room, this helped the space feel bigger. The updated kitchen and fireplace lighten the space give it a more finished and polished look. The end result was a casual bright and light home.

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