Las Vegas

So many times I get asked…so what’s it like going on a buying trip, I bet you have so much fun doing that…  No one really knows how much behind the scene work goes into attending a market and the pressure one can feel to find just that right item that is going to work.

Upon arriving in Las Vegas and beginning our first day at market we were met with down pouring rain and cold weather, which for most would ruin their day, for us however, we were so excited to see what new for our upcoming seasons.  

Here is a sneak preview of what’s to come!

Fern Prints – Greenery is the color of the year and we’re loving it! These Fern Prints will be the perfect addition to a bathroom, foyer, or 3 seasons porch.

New Sweet Bird – We’re happy to bring in some new mini signs from Sweet Bird. They’re sure to make great gifts!

Newgate Clocks – Metalics are in! Add a hint of metal to your space with one of these Newgate clocks.

Old Shutters & Windows- Each of these window frames and shutters are a one of a kind! You’ll be sure to find a quote that has a special meaning to you.

Tree – We can not wait to show of this 7′ tree in the outdoor space at Brick & Mortar Home and Outdoor. It’s been on our wish list for years!



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